A moving board is a modern alternative to a traditional skateboard that provides quick learning and plenty of fun and joy. It can be used by children and adults, and its use allows for improving body coordination, strengthening the spine and abdominal muscles, and developing self-confidence. It’s a great proposition for the whole family, which will allow for physical and cognitive development in a pleasant and active way.

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ikona zegara

Quick and easy to learn

ikona dzieci

It perfectly combines fun
and movement exercises

ikona człowieka z rękoma po bokach

Supports muscles
abdomen and spine

ikona człowieka

Improves balance

trójkołowa deska, w tle pudełko od deski

About Wiggleboard

This is an innovative three-wheeled skateboard, which was designed for children from the age of 6, but it can also be successfully used by teenagers and adults. What sets the moving board apart from other skateboards?  Its unique design, which allows you to move only with fun, twisting movements of the hips – Wiggle Shake.

  • Innovative three-wheeled wide platform, providing stability and versatility while riding,
  • special design prevents rolling backwards, which is very important for children’s skateboards,
  • solid workmanship and 360º pivot wheels for incredible maneuverability.
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execution of the product

trójkołowa żółta deska 1

ergonomic design

The unique shape – wide at the back and narrow at the front – allows the user for free movement


panel with tabs

Non-slip platform increases stability and safety while riding.

zbliżenie na uchwyt trójkołowej deski 3

comfortable handle

The comfortable handle facilitates transport and carrying.


ABS material

The three-wheel design and exceptionally wide platform made of ABS material provide extra stability and versatility.

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how to ride?

uśmiechnięta nastolatka w kasku stoi na trójkołowej desce

standing up

To move forward, stand in an upright position, slightly bend your knees, and move your hips or twist your waist from side to side.

nastolatek w kasku w pozycji na kucka jedzie na trójkołowej desce

crouching down

Perform a deep squat on the board, and then twist your hips from side to side.

nastolatek w kasku jedzie na trójkołowej desce


Stand with your knees bent and your feet apart, slightly leaning to the sides. Then, move your hips or twist your waist.

uśmiechnięty nastolatek w kasku


Sit comfortably with your legs crossed, then rotate your hips to the right and left.


Riding a Wiggleboard is fun, and the best places to play are flat surfaces with a gentle slope (less than 5º) or slightly uneven surfaces, such as smooth asphalt, sidewalks, outdoor basketball courts or tennis courts.

To enjoy the ride, simply place your feet parallel, slightly apart and facing forward, with your knees slightly bent and heels pointing toward the back of the board. This is the most popular riding position and gives you the best control over the movement of the board.

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